Zanele Sifuba leaked video on Twitter and Reddit s3x tape pics

Zanele Sifuba leaked video on Twitter and Reddit s3x tape pics


On Wednesday, the regional president of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), Edgar Legoale, and the province secretary of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Malefane Bosanku Msimanga, both denounced the nude images.
The “insensitive” distribution of the nude photos appeared to be images of the Legislative Branch spokesperson for the Liberal State.



Apparently, her picture has being circulated on social media.
Whoever the victim of this wicked, brutal, and horrible act is, “We condemn this conduct.

We are witnessing the victim’s silence and systematic extortion, as well as the arming of her body through the dissemination of offensive and compromising photos,” Msimanga said.
The incident is viewed as a criminal offense against human rights breaches by the province’s EFF.


The group argued that anyone in charge of disseminating the photographs ought to be detained, charged, and given a minimum 15-year prison term.
“Only a mentally deranged and sick individual who has lost the closeness and regard for the female body that human civilization considers sacrosanct can do this,” the statement continues.

Msimanga emphasized that this occurs not only to famous women but to women and girls everywhere.
Such conduct, in his opinion, undercuts the fight against femicide, misogyny, and gender-based violence.
According to Msimanga, “This happens to ladies and schoolgirls, and nude images are mercilessly distributed in online as vengeance or blackmail against older women.”



EFF warns victims to never consent to or consent to the conduct of cruel “animal humans.”

“We firmly support her and can promise her of our unwavering moral backing. We are there for her; she is not alone.

Msimanga urges anyone with knowledge about the individual responsible for disseminating these photographs to contact the relevant law enforcement agency and share their information.

He is either someone’s uncle, brother, son, husband, or other family member. We implore anyone who knows this person to come forward and call the police to report this brutality.

Edgar Legoale, the district chairperson of the ANCYL for Fezile Dabi, has spoken on the issue and has condemned both the incident and those guilty.


“Women are slain and harassed every day, and we’re very sure that the sheer volume of photographs and videos today is entrusting to the Free State Legislature Speaker Cde Zanele to keep their private life a secret. So, comrades, he decided to stroll about and share it.
Joke about it!
Comrades, this is unacceptable and ought to be denounced, Legoale stated.



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