Watch Ludwig Balls Cold Ones Picture

Watch Ludwig Balls Cold Ones Picture: Twitch celebrity Ludwig recently caused a stir when he unintentionally uploaded an image of his balls on Twitter and it garnered attention.

Twitch star “Ludwig” Agren was astonished by the humorous punchline after he accepted donations. There’s no denying that Jump King has grown to be one of the most popular platformers among Twitch streamers, where navigating the game’s obstacles requires extreme proficiency and patience on their parts. AHFAZMONEY

Why are leaks of Ludwig nuts popular?


On August 11, xQc’s livestream of Jump King ended in disaster as a result of one of xQc’s fits of fury. On August 14, the Twitch broadcaster Ludwig also broadcast Jump King, and during that live there was an odd event that wasn’t caused by the game itself but rather by viewer donations.

Hey Luther, do you have any plans to create another stream to detonate those spheres yet?

” Did you ask Luther?” I don’t remember what it was called, but I’m not sure what it was called either.

The answer fit Ludwig’s mood, so he gave it honestly and kept going, “Mumbling? THE MARS. That is indeed completely correct. After a while, marbles go stale.

But just as the donor was about to end his joke, the gavel dropped, and the text-to-speech system announced, “You have bullets in your mouth.”
So that’s the moment when Ludwig showed his balls mistakenly.

The streamer was stunned when he realized he had been brought right up to the punch line of the old joke. With each marble having a particular order that Ludwig had to write in order to race it to the finish line, Ludwig created a stream in which he raced marbles against one another.



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