The Soccer Football (2022) | Download Hollywood Movie

The Soccer Football (2022) | Download Hollywood Movie
The Soccer Football (2022) | Download Hollywood Movie

Four young soccer superfans team up to help their idols regain their abilities after a scheming evil scientist steals their talent. Ahfazmoney

Genre:Kids & Family, Comedy, Animation

Original Language:English

Director:Mitch Schauer

Writer:Deeki Deke

Release Date (Streaming):Nov 9, 2022

Runtime:1h 13m

Some User’s Comments on The Soccer Football (2022) | Download Hollywood Movie

First User’s

Wow. Pity you can’t score (no pun intended) a 0. One of the worst things I’ve ever watched. It tries to be like Space Jam but ends up being something I want to forget in a hurry. It amazes me how they got people like Zlatan, Wierd Al, and Megan to ‘star’ in this absolute drivel.

Please don’t waste your life watching cuz you will never get the hours back. I don’t know what anyone was thinking when they decided to green-light this. My 8-year-old liked it but he likes anything to do with football. I don’t think it is appropriate for very young viewers but 6-9-year-olds would find it OK. But this film is so bad, a razzle award would be too good for it.

Second User

Like, ok, I’ll give the movie some credit because the first half it was so incredibly bad it was actually funny to watch. I had fun pointing at the little details like how they used the same 3 background characters 20 times each.

But then it became a chore. After the first half, they just add dialogue when it isn’t required, making a scene that should last 1 minute, to 15. It was painful, I probably aged 15 years when watching the insufferably long ending, where they pretend it’s over at least three times, just to add another wacky surprise to the plot. This is a stupid decision since this movie is so all over the place it stops surprising you very early.

At the end of the day, I had a “meh” time watching it. The movie is still absolutely horrendous though.

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