Hunther (2022) |Download Hollywood Movie

Hunther (2022) |Download Hollywood Movie
Hunther (2022) |Download Hollywood Movie

After learning that her new husband touches her daughter inappropriately, Morgan’s plans to leave him unwittingly turn into the fight of her life.

Some of Our User Comment on Hunther (2022)

First User

Whatever you should not do was in this movie. For starters, if your intention was to make females weak, you’ve done your job. If you want to make cops look stupid, you’ve done your job. If you wanted to waste my time on a poorly written, horrible acting flick, you’ve done your job.

It is unbelievable that anyone would give this movie a 10/9. Not even great movies like Schindlers’ List or Star Wars got a ten or nine. These people that gave a high rating were either people related to someone in the film or have never seen a movie in their lifetime. Word of advice to those that don’t know, you can still call 911 if your phone is turned off.

Second User

This movie is bad … Netflix bad…. Lighting, editing, music, plot, sequencing, acting, everything is bad! The movie makes no sense. Everything is just like whoever put this together. Just like did this on the spur of the moment I don’t even know how this movie got funded wireless movie got funded.

This movie is terrible. The lighting is bad everything is whitewashed it’s just terrible. It doesn’t make any sense like the characters do things that just don’t make any sense if I could take it back I wouldn’t even the rent this movie. It’s that bad I try to support this movie and the 8.7 reviews and the five-star review on Amazon let me to think this movie was good, but it is not.

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