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Hannah Goldy struggled to compete in the UFC but got the spotlight for her hot photos. The 30-year-old mixed martial artist has more than 167,000 followers on Instagram and the website OnlyF. Her last fight was in July when she lost to Molly McCann by TKO. She has a 6-3 professional MMA record and has lost three of her past four fights. Her last win was in September 2021, when she defeated Emily Whitmire.

“This fight is very special to me. After my last fight, I honestly don’t think I’m going back to the octagon,” Goldy said at the time, per MMA Junkie. “The stars aligned, I got a last-minute chance, and I changed many things this time the way I usually go to my camp. I spent a lot of time on the mental side of my game. I think that’s going on today. Late pays off.

“I’m doing it for myself. I’m very proud of myself and I’m really happy to be able to show a little bit of my skills tonight and make my coaches, my team and all my fans proud.” Here are some famous pictures of Goldy.

One fan responded, “Absolutely the best body award ever,” while another said, “I’ll be your sparring partner just to hang out with you hahahha jk jk.” One Wrote, “Your wrestling and grappling is [100]. If the knee hadn’t happened, you could have won the last bout. Keep it up, champ.”

Goldie wrote in the post, “Odins has been asking me to watch it for weeks…do you think he’ll ask me again?” A fan replied: “We love you and support you , my beautiful friend!!! You are incredible and continue to be an inspiration. Ironically I opened IG tonight and saw your post and just wore this.”

Watch Hannah Goldy leaked onlyf on Reddit and Twitter

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