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Shudder’s ‘V/H/S/99’ is a discovered footage horror movie equipped in an anthology format. It’s the fifth installment contained in the ‘V/H/S’ movie sequence and decisions 5 express specific particular person non permanent segments, every with its non-public distinctive and horrifying expertise. The shorts are directed by Johannes Roberts, Vanessa & Joseph Winter, Maggie Levin, Tyler MacIntyre, and Flying Lotus.

The film follows a VHS tape belonging to an adolescent containing footage of varied paranormal occasions from 1999. Due to this fact, viewers should be on the lookout for an proof for the movie’s gory, violent, and psychologically twisted occasions. In that case, correct proper right here is every issue it’s worthwhile to know concerning the ending of ‘V/H/S/99.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!


The primary non permanent contained in the movie is titled ‘Shredding,’ and it’s directed by Maggie Levin. It follows Rachel, Ankur, Chris, and Kaleb, collectively usually usually often called the punk rock and prank group R.A.C.Okay. The group information varied movement footage of themselves performing music and pranks. For his or her subsequent video, the band decides to substantiate an metropolis legend concerning the band Bitch Cat, who died beneath mysterious circumstances at an underground venue. Rumors say that the band members had been trampled by their followers after a fire broke out, ensuing of their dying. Since then, the venue has been deserted and believed to be haunted.

Shredding Ending: What Occurs to R.A.C.Okay?

Within the movie, the members of R.A.C.Okay. arrive to try the venue the place Bitch Cat band members died just a few years beforehand. They’ve all heard the haunted tales concerning the place and want to see whether or not or not or not the band’s spirit nonetheless lives contained throughout the venue. Nonetheless, as per their standard pranking tendency, the group begins tricking and tormenting Ankur, who’s terrified of ghosts. Quickly, R.A.C.Okay. prepares for the night time’s fundamental occasion and performs thought-about one amongst Bitch Cat’s songs on the very place they died.

Through the effectivity, the band members fake to be possessed to scare Ankur, who’s enraged by their pranks and leaves. Nonetheless, the ghost of Bitch Cat members shortly emerges and slowly hunts down R.A.C.Okay. Rachel, Ankur, Chris, and Kaleb are all killed one after the alternative for overtly insulting Bitch Cat and making gratifying of their music. In the end, the band’s story foreshadows the content material materials supplies race unfolding inside the brand new millennium as children proceed to carry out such dangerous endovenous to realize social media fame. Sadly for R.A.C.Okay., their quest leads them straight to dying.

Suicide Bid

The second story, titled ‘Suicide Bid,’ is directed by Johannes Roberts. It revolves spherical Lily, a university freshman who should hitch her faculty campus’s most prestigious sorority. After submitting a video utility to the sorority led by a gaggle of recommend women, Lily usually often called in for an interview. The ladies reveal that earlier than they settle for Lily into their sorority, she must carry out a dare. The ladies draw back Lily to spend an evening inside a coffin. The job stems from a scholar named Giltine, who was handed the equal dare and mysteriously disappeared. Lily reluctantly agrees to carry out the accountability that seems to be a method for the sorority women to haze the mannequin new woman.

Suicide Bid Ending: Is Lily Useless? Is the Legend of Giltine Actual?

After spending a while contained throughout the coffin, Lily turns into scared and abandons the problem. Nonetheless, earlier than the women can unbury her, Giltine assaults Lily. Giltine’s legend is confirmed true, and he or she continues to hang-out the graveyard, on the lookout for pal. She transforms Lily correct proper right into a demonic being identical to her, resulting in Lily’s dying.

In the meantime, the sorority women return for Lily nonetheless uncover her coffin empty. Due to this fact, they make a pact by no means to talk in regards to the incident. Within the highest, the sorority women uncover themselves buried in coffins, similar to Lily. The ladies are laid low with Lily, who explains that she has grow to be Giltine’s good pal, and the 2 are creating their very private sorority of ineffective women. As a consequence, Lily promised Giltine so as in order so as to add additional members to their ranks. Thus, the non permanent ends with Lily exacting revenge on the sorority women by subjecting them to the equal gnarly future she suffered.

Ozzy’s Dungeon

The third part, directed by Flying Lotus, is titled ‘Ozzy’s Dungeon.’ It revolves spherical a fictional eponymous sport present that ensures to satisfy the worthwhile teen’s want. Nonetheless, to have their want granted by the mysterious Ozzy, the children must compete in a sequence of an rising variety of robust and harmful impediment functions. One contestant, Donna, comes near worthwhile the sport nonetheless is badly injured contained in the remaining spherical. Varied years later, Donna’s household kidnaps the sport present’s host for revenge.

Ozzy’s Dungeon Ending: What’s Donna’s Want?

After the host realizes his life is at risk, he agrees to info the household to their want. The host explains that Ozzy exists and wasn’t a hoax created by the present. He takes the household to the present’s earlier set. The group enters a cave by way of a door that leads them correct proper right into a dungeon. Inside, an chubby man sleeps whereas just a few servants cope with him. The actual particular person is revealed as Ozzy, and the host asks him to satisfy Donna’s want.

Earlier contained in the part, the sport present contests share their desires. Nonetheless, the present cuts to commercials earlier than we hear Donna’s want. From her household, we analysis that Donna wished to grow to be a movie well-known specific particular person. Nonetheless, that dream was ended by the damage on the sport present that left thought-about one amongst her legs brutally disfigured. Donna whispers her want to Ozzy and a Lovecraftian creature explodes from Ozzy’s stomach. The creature leaves the faces of the host and Donna’s household disfigured, similar to her leg. As all individuals screams, Donna smirks, and the footage ends. Thus, the ending implies that Donna’s household regarded down upon her after the damage, and he or she harmed them utilizing her want.

The Gawkers

Directed by Tyler MacIntyre, ‘The Gawkers’ is the fourth part contained in the horror movie. It tells the story of Brady, an adolescent who’s making the stop-motion animation we see between the segments. Brady’s digital digital digital camera is taken by his elder brother, Dylan. Dylan makes use of the digital digital digital camera alongside alongside together with his buddies Kurt and Boner to spy on women and doc perverted movement footage. In the meantime, a youthful woman strikes into the home subsequent door, and the trio spies on her. When Brady manages to befriend the lady, Sandra, the trio coaxes him into inserting in adware and adware on her webcam. Nonetheless, the group shortly realizes that Sandra is hiding a darkish secret.

The Gawkers Ending: What Is Sandra’s Secret?

Sandra is an notably partaking youthful woman who turns into Brady and Dylan’s new neighbor. Dylan and his buddies spy on Sandra and begin behaving an rising variety of creepy. Nonetheless, throughout the event that they prepare the adware and adware with Brady’s assist, their want to see Sandra bare is about to be full. After Sandra undresses, the boys grow to be excited and watch her from their laptop packages.

Nonetheless, Sandra shortly begins reworking correct proper right into a monster. Inexperienced stems emerge from her head and alter into snakes. She then proceeds to assault the children and brutally kills them. In the end, Brady and Dylan attempt to confront Sandra nonetheless are grow to be stone. The non permanent ends with Dylan and Brady grow to be statues implying that Sandra is definitely a updated incarnation of the Greek Goddess Medusa. Thus, the part makes use of the important Greek legend to the contact upon perversion on the flip of the century, aided by the appears of newest videography expertise and the web.

To Hell And Again

The fifth and remaining part is titled ‘To Hell And Again’ and is directed by Vanessa & Joseph Winter. The story revolves spherical best-friends Troy and Nate. They’re skilled videographers who’re employed by a cult on the eve of Y2K. The cult is on the brink of maintain out a ritual to summon their lord, Ukabon, from Hell to the human world. Nonetheless, in the midst of the ritual, Troy and Nate are inadvertently transported to Hell, the place they need to battle for survival. Within the tactic, they meet Mabel, who helps them battle the demons of Hell nonetheless has her non-public agenda.

To Hell And Again Ending: Do Troy and Nate Escape From Hell? What Occurs to Mabel?

The non permanent sees Troy and Nate trapped in Hell following the ritual to summon Ukabon. In Hell, the duo is rapidly attacked by fairly just a few demons. Nonetheless, they’re saved by a witch named Mabel. She may be very environment friendly and is acutely aware of the weaknesses of the monsters. Furthermore, Mabel hates Ukabon and agrees to assist Troy and Nate return to the human world on the state of affairs that they write her title contained in the Ebook of Witches. Troy and Nate have till midnight to realize the portal in Ukabon’s hideout to return to earth.

In the end, Troy and Nate battle by way of the demons with Mabel’s assist and make it to Ukabon’s hideout. Mabel holds off the minions whereas Troy and Nate escape by way of the portal and return to the human world. In the meantime, the cultists uncover that Troy and Nate are nonetheless alive, implying that the group knowingly despatched them to Hell as a sacrifice to Ukabon. Within the highest, the cultists brutally homicide Troy and Nate nonetheless not earlier than the buddies write Mabel’s title inside the data. Through the credit score rating, the cultists is also heard chanting Mabel’s title, hinting that she has modified Ukabon. ,

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